The influence of antenna installation on communication effect



Time of issue: 2019-11-26 15:35:00.000

An antenna is an energy converter that converts guided waves propagating on a transmission line into electromagnetic waves propagating in a borderless medium, and vice versa. The lower the frequency, the longer the wavelength, and the longer the antenna. Generally, the antenna is reversible, that is, the same antenna can be used as both a transmitting antenna and a receiving antenna. The same antenna has the same basic characteristics as transmission or reception. For example, an antenna is applied to a wireless device, and an electromagnetic wave signal output by the wireless device is transmitted or an electromagnetic wave signal received by the antenna is transmitted back to the wireless device. So how does the antenna affect the communication effect? In the next step, we will introduce the effects of antenna installation on the communication effect through four aspects: antenna selection, matching, installation and commissioning.