With the increase in demand in the next few years, satellite communication antennas will face good development opportunities



Time of issue: 2019-11-26 15:37:00.000

With the continuous development of space technology and commercialization of the aviation industry, small satellites and small rockets have developed rapidly due to low manufacturing and launch costs, rapid technological updates, and ease of large-scale manufacturing. According to statistics, 310 small satellites weighing less than 500Kg were launched worldwide in 2017. American Planet ’s “Flora” satellite program, “Crow ’s Full Coverage” satellite program, SpaceX ’s StarChain program and China ’s Red Rock Constellation Program are bound to push commercial aviation to the top of development, and will also promote industrial development in commercial aviation All areas of aerospace, especially in the areas of satellite applications, navigation, communications and remote sensing. It will lead to leaps and bounds and will lead to more and broader cutting-edge technologies. .
With the announcement of the official operation of China Star 16, China ’s commercial portal for high-throughput satellites has also officially opened. China Satellite Communications will launch China Star 18 high-throughput satellite in 2019, and plans to have a supercapacity synchronous orbit around 2021. High-throughput satellites will expand the coverage of land and sea, and realize the "Belt and Road". The capacity of the high-throughput satellite system in orbit is about 400Gbps.