XPT VHF Marine Stubby Antenna

XPT VHF Marine Stubby Antenna
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  • XPT VHF Marine Stubby Antenna


    Model: TQC-BG-2-159V-XPT



    Frequency Range------------------------    156-162 MHz                                  
    Impedance----------------------------------    50Ohm   
    VSWR----------------------------------------    less than 1.8
    Gain-------------------------------------------    2 dBi(neglect the cable length)            
    Polarization---------------------------------    Vertical 
    Radiation------------------------------------    Omni
    Lighting Protection------------------------    Direct Ground
    Maximum Power Input-watts-----------    50 W
    Antenna height-----------------------------    164±5 mm
    Antenna termination----------------------    PL259
    Cable Length/Type------------------------    5m/RG-58
    Marks: The stubby antenna with light weight and good wind resistant is suitable for race boats.


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